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Why a Website’s Design is Important

A website is a gateway to your business. It represents everything that you stand for. The way it’s designed therefore, is of great importance. A generic site will NOT make a lasting impact on a user. You will be forgotten – and fast.

A website is often the final hurdle in a marketing funnel. Businesses spend £1,000s per month driving traffic to their websites, but fail to see the impact its layout and design could have on converting visitors into leads or sales.

When it comes to digital marketing, it all begins with your site. You can’t build a house without foundations – the same applies for building a business online. If you’re currently struggling to achieve results from your own campaigns, it could be that your website is at the heart of the problem – not your paid campaigns.

Tip: if your click through rates (CTRs) are good, but your conversion rates are dying a lonely death – you need to review your website. Or better yet, let our experts do it for you.


Our Design Difference

At Juna Digital, we pride ourselves on our design skills. When clients ask us, ‘what sets you apart from every other web design agency around?’ – we have a strong message.

We Don’t Use Templates.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Templates don’t consider UX (User Experience)
  2. Templates don’t help you stand out
  3. Templates generally come with lots of additional code you don’t require (and this will slow your website down)

Some of our recent thoughts on Web Design

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