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Digital & Creative Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants

Are you the landlord or landlady of a pub, or owner/manager of a restaurant struggling to attract a consistent wave of new customers month in month out, no matter the time of year? Or perhaps your business is thriving, but you still feel as though you could be doing better mid-week (after all, how many pubs and restaurants can say they are full Monday to Thursday for lunch AND dinner)?

At Juna Digital, we’ve worked with a number of pubs and restaurants to build successful digital campaigns that ‘put bums on seats’ and ‘money in the bank accounts’ of local landlords, landladies and restaurateurs. Whether you have events to promote, or you’re simply looking for more brand awareness in your local area, we can put you on the map and drive new business – again, and again and again!

Harnessing the power of social media, we’ve successfully sold out events, increased revenue and built powerful email lists with 1,000s of local consumers for our clients to tap into year-round. Call us on 01489 336337 to find out more.

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